Secret Awards[edit | edit source]

1. Cellar Dweller. Find The Cellar.

2. What the? Find the ???-room (also known as "The Darkness")

3. The Elite, you are. Have exactly 1337 SC. TIP: deposit all your cash into the bank. Idle in The hills until the last digit of your SC on hand is a 7. Immediately cast the Stop Spell. Now use the Deposit/Withdraw functions of the bank to get exactly 1,337 SC.

4. 1+1*9. Play for 10hours (sesssion, not total).

5. Forgot the award bonus? Have 10 unspent Upgrade Points at once.

6. Fail at life! Waste 100K SC on gambling.

7. Great Customer. Deposit 100K SC into the bank at once!

8. Gamble Guru. Match 3 symbols on the reels during a 100K bet!

9. Allstar. Upgrade all attributes to EXACTLY LV20. If one attribute goes over before all attributes reach level 20, you cannot get this achievement.

10. Monopolitics. Have 100Millon SC. This money must be on hand, though it can be withdrawn from the bank specifically for this award.

Secret Locations[edit | edit source]

The Cellar - A hidden location accesible from the Abandoned Dockyard. On the back porch of the Krak n's Pee is a hidden trap door. To access it, click 10 times on the lighter area of the porch. This will transport you to the Cellar.

The Darkness - A hidden locatoin accesible from The Cellar. There are two doorways in the background. Click on the one on the left. This will transport you to the Darkness.

[Unknown] - There is a rumored third secret area, but this is currently unconfirmed.

Secret Items[edit | edit source]

Troll Hammer - This item can be found in The Cellar.

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